m / Co. Advisory is a Realty Consulting Office which is proposed as a single point of contact for the operations of Quantification, Acquisition, Valuation and Alienation of real estate assets through innovative and dynamic property management and negotiations.

Based on the concept of Property Hunting, we search and select in all the national territory with particular regard to the northeast of the country, real estate investments on behalf of individuals, corporations and investment funds, offering only what actually responds to the real needs of the customer.

We perform advanced market research and feasibility analysis for the acquisition and sale in the fields of Agricultural, Residential, Industrial and Hotellerie / Hospitality assisting the client in all phases of the negotiation.

  • Isc. Albo Periti n°24/10 presso Tribunale Pordenone
  • Isc. Albo CTU n°21/10 presso Tribunale Pordenone
  • Isc. Ruolo Periti ed Esperti n°66 presso CCIAA Pordenone
  • Isc. Ruolo Agenti d’Affari in Mediazione n°436 presso CCIAA Pordenone