"We manage Real Estate Transactions with only one objective, give value to Your Projects"

Provide Innovative and Dynamic Service of Management and Valuation of Real Estate Assets is Our Goal.

With this objective is born m/Co. Advisory, the first private office of Advisory & Property Hunting made around the figure of the Property Consultant.

In Our Vision the profile of Property Consultant combines the figure of property hunter (chasseur immobilier), professional who performs "tailored realty research", a new range of innovative and dynamic services aimed at Creating Value of Real Estate Projects, whether negotiations of individual units that feasibility analysis or quantification of complex projects.

Among our clients there are private individuals, banks, organizations and companies.

For each type is associated a range of personalized and customized services in order to create a relationship of continuous consultancy based on the principles of transparency, trust and professionalism.

m / Co. solutions for Organizations and Companies

Our company offers its services to property entities, companies and organizations with a broad range of dedicated services ranging from strategic market analysis and financial advice, up to the management, quantification and valuation of assets.
The quantification of the Real value of the properties made analytically and/or comparative on individual assets, is essential to have a coherent feedback on how the assets is part of a constantly evolving market.
From these premises come our continuous consulting solutions LTA (Long-Term Advisory), the best response to the dynamism and volatility of the modern real estate market.

m / Co. solutions for Private and Property Owners

The services designed for Property Owners and Individualsare based on the concept of "Tailored".
Through this concept we make customized searches relying on a network of professionals throughout the country and abroad, and we prepare strategies for managing individual negotiations selecting the ideal partners for individual transactions, financial advice, insurance and home furnishings.
We perform for private clients valuation services, we provide assistance in auctions, on contracts and on obligations connected to real estate negotiations between individuals and/or companies.

m / Co. solutions for Property Hunting

The Property Hunting is a popular service and affirmed mainly in the foreign market and done by the so-called “Property Hunter” or Chasseur Immobilier.
The role of the “Property Hunter” is to analyze and understand the real needs of the customer and then perform a detailed search of what's on the market through an extensive network of professional firms, estate agents, companies and any potential stakeholders related to real estate.
At this point, after finding potential solutions compatible with the request, are analyzed and valued the solutions, thus assisting the customer in all phases of the negotiation.
m / Co. Advisory is one of the first studies that perform this type of service also for those who wish to sell a property, analyzing, evaluating and valuing the properties and defining the strategy and the ideal partners for the marketing of the properties.

m / Co. solutions for
Organizations and Companies
m / Co. solutions for
Private and Property Owners
m / Co. solutions for
Property Hunting